[ SELLING ] Zombie Grinder and Cave Spider SPAWNER.

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  1. Today I will be selling a fully operational zombie grinder. Not a spawner, a WORKING grinder.
    And also below it theirs a Cave Spider SPAWNER, NOT grinder.
    Its not on utopia. Its on one of the smp's

    Price: 7 - 15k would be very awesome.

    I can take pay in diamonds/diamond blocks. Or in rupees :)

    Bonus: Their are about 5 double chests full with wood mob drops and such, however buys this will be given a FULL tour, for free.


    2012-06-16_17.35.53.png 2012-06-16_17.35.53.png
    Part were the zombies fall down and you hit 'em with a sword. :D

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  2. Cave Spider SPAWNER:
  3. Anybody interested? Please?
  4. Not right now I already have like 9 spawners
  5. :( you can has bunches of xp!
  6. Im thinking If selling them all except my skeleton grinder and I'm lv 38
  7. well buy these two and you will have all the types of grinders!
  8. What server?
  9. smp7....
  10. hmm...
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  11. * crosses fingers * Its not far from spawn.
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  12. Nobody has bought it yet...
    Im willing to sell it for 8 - 10k....
  13. Zombie grinder and a spider spawner.... im looking for 8 - 9k, cause im desperate now...
  14. I'll sell it for 8k!
  15. I'll buy it for 8k! As soon as I get home.
    Edit: um until I get home means after summer camp. If nobody has bought after two weeks I'll buy it for 8.5k.