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  1. Click here or PM me ingame if you would like to buy any of the following promotional items. Fair offers will be accepted (most likely).

    - 11x Headless Horseman Mask
    - 4x Spooky Egg
    - 6x Ham Hacker
    - 4x Labor Bench 2014
    - 2x Independence Day Firework 2014
    - 2x Magical Eggcellent Wand
  2. What do you want for a Spooky Egg?
  3. Updated stock.
  4. 14K for a labor bench
  5. What year, also PM me please.
  6. 11 heads begone! Updated stock :)
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  7. haha i wonder where they went ;) wink wink
  8. I wonder where you got some of those promos ;) wink wink
  9. these are all mine, yours I kept separate ;p
  10. Hey thanks for reacting on my forum post?
  11. I send you a Pm two days ago, but you dont answer.
  12. replied, bump.
  13. How much for the spooky eggs?
  14. PM'd.
  15. 10 Spooky Eggs begone! Updated stock :)
  16. How much for a ham hacker?
  17. 1 Ham Hacker said bai, updated stock :)
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  18. I'd like a magical eggification wand. How much?