[Selling] YOLO Packs

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  1. This will probably be the most useless thing you ever purchase.. but this is a guranteed "make yourself feel cool" type of thing. All proceeds to the sells goes to the SMP4 Paradise project. This project if you have not seen the forum post, is Here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-largest-project-yet-is-about-to-begin-on-smp4.15507/
    anyways here's what you get in this pack:

    49 Stacks of... Dirt!
    YOLO: Pants, Boots, Tunic, Helmet
    Enchanted Iron Sword with Sharpness III!

    You can get all of this with one easy payment of 25k!

    Heres how to get one!
    1. Make the 25k payment to me
    2. Post below that you have made a payment
    3. I will then send the money over to R0bbie. This is so i know you made a payment.
  2. This is completely off-topic, though I can't help but point it out.

    See the chat where StormLoGic asked "were you the person making the door for ahksel?" For the record, he was talking to me and yes I did :)