{Selling Woods} Rainy Logging Company [closed]

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  1. Hello!
    I am starting a logging business,
    I am selling both in bulk and in small quantities.
    You can place an order here, on the thread.
    You are looking at it.
    Do it, now.
    (No minimum size, if you hate me order 1,000,000 times buying 1 log)
    Shop isn't open yet on my res :p

    Current Running price per log (any type, any amount):


    Mix and match, I don't care
    Quick reference:
    1 Single chest = 1,728 Items, 5,184r
    1 Double chest = 3,456 Items, 10,368r
    I try to keep the price low enough you can stock malls with it ;)
    I'm trying to revive the log industry here, the prices are way to expensive.
    Also, I reserve the right to reserve your order.
    So don't expect jack-rabbit speed if I just got a 10,000,000 log order.

    Accepting NO more orders
    Business Closed

    For smaller purchases, buy at 227 on SMP1
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  2. Googly Moogly :p
  3. I''ll have a chest with it at my res
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  4. 4dc's of logs, you choice :)
    if possible :p
  5. Yes
    Expected finish date will be July 10 or so.
    I'll PM when ready. Also don't pay me yet, if I die between now and then, then I don't want you to be down :p
    EDIT, I'll do them all spruce if okay ;)
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  6. I'll be one of your first I suppose.

    10 DCs of everything but birch logs.

    To clarify

    10 DCs of Oak
    10 DCs of Acacia
    10 DCs of Dark Oak
    10 DCs of Jungle
    10 DCs of Spruce

    Total Price = 518,400 Rupees

    I'll pay once I've gotten my order completed. If you disagree then belay it.
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  7. I will do this one after the other if that is fine, I'll PM when done
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  8. I filled Allicanto's order, and now am working on NetherSpecter's
    I will accept 1 more order
  9. A shop has been made at 227, I will try to keep it in stock, but if you are purchasing more than five stacks, I much prefer just making an order.
  10. I would like to order 1DC of Acacia and 1DC Dark Oak.... as my tree farms dont do these.

    Total: 20736
  11. Okay, I'll do it
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