[Selling] Wither Skulls

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  1. Two Wither Skulls Available
    8k Each
    Smp-5 10018
  2. Ooh, pretty texture pack! Whatsitcalled?
  3. Yah, what's the texture pack!? Looks amazing!
    Please put link to!
  4. Im really loving that texture pack, you need to link it! Lol, oh the off-topicness
  5. Hhaha they just want the texture pack :rolleyes:
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  6. Very nice texture pack. But I'm still waiting on John smith pack to be updated
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  7. lol would be nice if they wanted the skulls as much as the texture pack :p
  8. 2 Skulls still available, discount if you buy both. 1 for 8k 2 for 14k
  9. i'll buy both :)
  10. they are at my res on smp5
  11. lol i used to be rich like you until i bought 576000r of emeralds on smp6 :D like 1 or 2 months ago
  12. ok still have two more wither skulls, and i added another chest with two beacons for sale. both chests at my front door