[Selling] Wither Skulls

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  1. I've Wither Skulls to sell. They are in a shop chest in my residence on SMP8, at the tower on the west side of spawn. The price is 10k per skull.
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  2. I currently have two skulls in the chest to sell. I'll try to keep this updated when some are in stock.
  3. i will buy them how much
  4. They are 10k each.
  5. All gone! Thanks, finsup :D
  6. Alexchance on smp2 is willing to sell them for only 400r if they were ever in stock.
  7. Well, thanks for that.
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  8. This is only til I get a stable price so I don't get sold a stack and lose all my rupees :)
  9. Iv gotten a few to sell same price as topic creator on smp1 at 1215's rare items shop but its first come first serve and the shop is only open when im on.
  10. Who is this "topic creator" you speak of? :p
  11. Oh im sorry here:

    Uh duh? Its the person who made this forum post which is Margaritte.

    There we go. :)