Selling [Whole lotta stuff]

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  1. Today I bring to you my mosh-pit of goodies of which I would like to sell.
    It includes -
    Marlix Leggings
    11 x Labor Bench
    USED Valens, Saltar and Incitatus Horse Eggs
    2 x Stable Voucher
    ICC Bday Voucher
    Ore Buster
    Everlasting Axe Stopper
    Big Daddy Helmet
    4th of July Firework
    EMC Firework (from 4th of July giveaway)
    DC worth of Iron
    4 x Diamond Horse Armor
    6 x Gold Horse Armor
    Iron Horse Armor
    2 x Prize Books from bonzd67's treasure hunt
    10k Prize Book from Deathtomb's Drop Party
    10k Prize Book from GameKribJim *given out at Deathtomb's Drop Party* Non-Refundable
    7 Diamond Enchanted Swords
    KB II BoA V
    2 x BoA IV
    2 x KB II BoA IV
    Sharp II
    FA II BoA IV
    13 Diamond Enchanted Picks
    2 x Unb III Eff IV
    5 x Eff IV
    Unb III
    Unb III Fort II Eff III
    Unb III Eff IV Silk
    2 x Unb III Fort III Eff IV
    Unb III Eff III
    3 x Stacks of Red Stained Clay

    Selling for firm price of 250k
    PM if you would like to purchase
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  2. How much for the DC of iron?
  3. How much is Ore Buster and ICC Voucher
  4. how much for inticalus
  5. how much for the marlix leggings, stable vouchers and ore buster if you still have them?
  6. How much for the labor benches?
  7. 27k
  8. 85k
    6k Each
  9. I meant individually
  10. 12k? no thanks
  11. how much for 1 labor bench?
  12. maybe you should list the prices
  13. Read the above post...
  14. How much for the iDay fireworks and the diamond horse armors, separately?
  15. How muc for the leggings and orebuster?
  16. stable vouchers
  17. 50k and 15k
    10k Each
  18. Ill take the ore buster for 15k if nobody else has taken it