[SELLING] Villager Head

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  1. Price: 7500r

    Dont tell me to lower price, if I feel like it is too high I will lower it :)
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  2. How much villagers did u kill to get this....
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  3. I'm gunna get a DC and auction it. But first i need to find out how to make a villager breeder
  4. roughly 250.
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  5. Nobodies bidding....
  6. I ain't bidding
  7. Its not a auction, and please stop spamming this thread with posts. Not to be harsh but I have seen you do this on multiple threads, please stop :)

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  8. That is because this is not an auction haha.
    Edit: Stew'd
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  9. A bump here
  10. Ill offer 7k :cool:
  11. I'll buy it.
    Edit: sent payment cause i gotta get to work. Set up a chest for me?
  12. Never knew this wasn't an auction didn't realise sorry
  13. will get to you after school :)
  14. Sound good :)