[Selling] Villager Head

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  1. So i am selling a villager head, if you are interested plz pm or comment of how much you want pay for.
  2. Can I see a pic
  3. This is going to sell for over 10k
  4. lol omg YES! this is freaking awesome
  5. Ok i will sell this head for 10k :D.
  6. I need to kill villagers NOW! Ok Jordan Get ready for the apocalypse!
  7. did you use a infante spawner to get it?
  8. Lol what?
  9. My friend is Jordan and has villager farm
  10. Nop, i haved an old iron golem farm, and i was in the wild,i haved a looting 3 enchanted sword, so i got wild :D.
  11. That will be like grifing your friends farm if you murder all of them.
  12. He won't care :/ :3
  13. so they are bread? not naturally spawned?
  14. Who wants to buy the villager head for 7.500r?
  15. Me!
  16. Ok plz pay me, and after that i will set up a access chest in smp7 res 14837.
  17. Why would they be bread?
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