[SELLING] Vault Vouchers - 7075

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  1. The title says it all. I am currently selling Vault Vouchers at 7075 on smp3. I am selling them for 20,000r each. (Do NOT complain about price). If you are unable to buy one because you are in the wild on smp3 just reply to this thread and I will sell it to you on another server.
    Remember, if you collect 5 vault pages you get FREE vault access for life!

    Current amount in stock
  2. free.... vault... usage... i must... get... more... pages...
  3. Just do /vault expand and it gives you a vault for 10k. Vouchers are alot rarer though, and are not even really used for vaults anymore, just as a special item! :p
  4. The thing is, as a regular member, you can only claim a maximum of 2 vault pages. After that, only vouchers can be used. :)
  5. Yep...still, worth buying supporter to get more anyways!
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  6. Well, it's only worth buying supporter if you're also interested in using the other perks. Typically, supporterships are bought/sold for the $10000, where $ is how much the supporter costs. So gold is 100k, dia 200k, etc. That's just what I've seen, so if you're just going to want the 5 pages and nothing else it's technically cheaper to just buy vouchers :p
  7. Yes, but not everyone can afford to buy a supporter ship. So for them this would be a much easier alternative. That's how I got free vault
  8. Can you reserve one for me?
  9. Yes, tell me when you wish to pay for it.
  10. This weekend?
  11. Sure
  12. 23 minute premature bump (Because I'm going to bed and I don't feel like staying up 23 more minutes)
  13. I'm now sold out. /thread close
  14. Never mind. No longer needed. :)
  15. You're cancelling your hold on the one I have reserved?
  16. Ok I guess we have one more back in stock!