Selling Vault Voucher

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  1. it only costs 10,000 to purchase a vault, don't you think you may possibly want to lower the price to make someone want it more? maybe?
  2. well a vault voucher lets you exceed the max amount, so for free members they can exceed the limit of 2 they can have iron can exceed the 5 (or more... idk) they can have etc...
  3. well the difference between this and the 1 you buy from /vault expand is this will increase your vault pages by 1 even if you maxed so if u aren't a supporter and you have the maxed u can get 1 more
  4. lol you beat me to it
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  5. i guess so, that makes complete sense so i should just hush my face! =3
    i was debating in my head the reasons its worth that lol
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  6. lowered to 15.5k any takers
  7. I'll buy for 13k :)
  8. Idk i bought it for 17k so im loosing money already how about 14k ?
  9. bump lowered to 14k anyone want it ?
  10. bump lowered to 13k got 8 to sell now
  11. I can offer 12k
  12. i will take it for 13k
  13. how many would you like ?
  14. how many do you have?
  15. ok i there is 5 left
  16. bump 13k each 4 vouchers left
  17. I'll buy all 4 at 12k each