[Selling] Useless promos

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  1. Hi guys, I invested so much on promos thinking that I'll get double back, but I failed and I'm stuck with them so here are the promos I would really like to get rid off.

    NOTE ex : 15x <---stock left, not the number of items included in the price.**

    Unused Cupid Egg 1x : 30k ea.
    Used Cupid Egg 2x : 25k ea.
    Cupid Bow 2x : 15k ea.
    1 stack of Cupid's Arrow 5x : 3k ea.
    Cupid bundle 1x : 65k ea.
    Turkey meat 15x : 2,5k ea.
    Taste the freedom 1x : 3k
    (My worst investment ever)EMC 2014 firework 7x : 14k*
    Vault voutcher 5x : 13k

    BUY LIST:D:);):(:mad::confused::cool::p:eek::oops::rolleyes:
    I would be interrested to buy (with only little durability loss, else I will offer very cheap) :
    Used Freedom blade any version
    Used Ore buster
    Used Turkey Slicer any version
    Used Ham hacker
    Used Lucky Bow
    Used Marlix Bow
    Used holiday pick

    *Buying one of those dump will give you a discount voutcher of 25% (signed book by me) For the OP Blacksmith's Items. (Only for 1 item, one kit or 1 group buy discount).
    Here is the link if you would be interreted to look at the products available.


    Thank you for reading ! :)
  2. i think i will buy 1 turkey meat
  3. I have a Freedom Blade and 2013 Turkey Slicer for sale if you are interested in either of those.
  4. When I get payment I'll mail it to you.
  5. Are they used?
  6. how used is the ore buster?
  7. How used is the Marlix bow and how much do you want for it?
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  8. They are both slightly used.
  9. Guys... That bottom list is his buying list...
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  10. Taste the freedom and all the Cupid bow can I pay for all 30k
  11. Good catch. Wasn't paying attention lol.
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  12. 33k
  13. Can you go any lower pls
  14. the bow are still low sry
  15. Ok that is fine :(
  16. do u have a cupid pig egg (used or unused)
  17. Yep both and they are available to buy.