[Selling] Unbreaking 3 Books

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  1. I currently have a SC of unbreaking 3 books I would like to sell for 2k each but I can go lower if bought in bulk.

    Post below the amount you want pl0x and tankiez. :p

    Pick up will be at 1577 on smp1
  2. How much for 5?
  3. I dont mean to step on your toes in this deal porphos and if Mirr0r agrees I will sell 5 to you, but I'd like to buy all 27 for 54k
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  4. I'd be fine with that
  5. I'm not. Would be cool if sam wants to split those with me :rolleyes:
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  6. I'll sell them all to you at 17000 on smp8 :p