[Selling] Two Blaze Spawners - Not necessarily double

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  1. I'm selling the location to two blaze spawners in the nether of utopia. I've made a nice path to them, but haven't build the spawners, other than some quick attempts to keep the mobs from coming after me while I mine netherbrick.

    There are two spawners, more or less diagonal from each other. I'm not sure if they are close enough to both spawn at the same time or not, as there's netherrack between them. I'd estimate about 50 blocks between the two.

    Asking 15k obo. I've been using this as a source for netherbrick, but I don't have an interest in the spawners, and won't use them once sold.

    Please send me a PM if you'd like to purchase them.
  2. They have to be within about 32 blocks for making a dual spawner. Do you know if more single's are near this?
  3. Not sure. I've been mining the netherbrick out of the fortress, and stumbled upon these two. I don't really know where it ends, but I can poke around a bit and see if there's anything else in the area.
  4. If there are 4+ single blaze spawners, I'll buy this in a heartbeat.
  5. I'll take a look. It's a pretty big nether fortress, but I can't really say whether i'll run into any more or not.
  6. are you selling the nether brick? if so id be interested in what ur price is?
  7. Aww oh well im in the market for some ... Trying to stock a store and help supply a build is getting hard lol