[Selling]Turkey slicer 2014 rare drop

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  1. So as the title says im sellin a turkey slicer 2014.
    It may be a bit expensive but I'm puttin it at 50k to help pay for my Holiday Expenses.
    So yeah, hope I made this thread right correct me if I didnt.
  2. Why does title say 2k 14?
  3. 2014 2k =2000 14 so 2014
    i guess staff can you change this to 2014 to avoid confusion
  4. from the poin where i amd other are standing it looks like you are selling Turkey Slicers for 2k 2014 version, Maybe you should get the title changed.
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  5. I have to agree
  6. Ok i am getting it done now!
  7. Title changed..
  8. Honestly, this is a little expensive for a starting bid. I don't even think last year's turkey slicers were worth that much, and they're better than this year's.

    Turkey Slicer 1.png
    Turkey Slicer 2.png
  9. The catch is, is that the 2013 version was a /promo so anybody could get them but this year's was only a rare drop from the Super Turkeys, which in fact took ages to kill. Therefore, this year's is already a lot rarer than last year's. Due to this, the 2014 version is already more expensive than the 2013 version - though as of this moment, there isn't a massive gap between their prices because they both have characteristics that make them expensive :)
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  10. Yeah, that makes sense. Anyway, I only saw one turkey and it dropped that turkey slicer.
  11. I guess bump lol price at 50k now major decrease
  12. bump as said above i changed the price to 50k hopefully more affordable!
  13. So you are buying it?
  14. yes if you want you could set up access chest and will be on in a few hours go pay/pickup
  15. Ok will do
    it will be on utopia res if thats alright thats my 2nd one