Selling tripple monster spawner (2x skeleton 1x zombie)

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  1. Hello,

    I'm selling this tripple monster spawner.
    There are two skeleton spawners (the two on the left) and a zombie spawner (on the right).

    The spawners are located on SMP8, 2600 blocks away from the eastern wild spawnpoint.

    The two closest are 6 blocks apart from eachother and the other one at the back is 16 blocks further.
    You could make water flow to the center so that all spawners are like 7 blocks from that point.

    I'm willing to sell these for 20k but if that is too much, you may also place a lower price.

    Picture of the spawners:

    If interested, feel free to name a price ;)



    This mob spawner has been sold.
  2. You cant auction spawners.
  3. oeps indeed
    shall I create a new topic there? or wait until this is moved?
  4. oeps indeed
    shall I create a new topic there? or wait until this is moved?
  5. I would PM shaunwhite1982 about it, and wait for what he does.
  6. ok, thank you
    and sorry for the double-post but the website was lagging like hell :confused:
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  7. Texture Pack?
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  8. FalloutBe, It is against the rules to auction spawners
  9. That is already said, read the whole thread ;)U
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  10. yes, I noticed :( I'm sorry
    I'm contacting an admin now

    The texture pack is Soartex Fanver Nole972
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  11. Yes, I no. You could probably get at least 18k. I recently sold pretty much this same one for that.
  12. ok :D seems like a nice price
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  13. marknaaijer,
    I won't sell for 10k, sorry.
    The price will be 20k. I'll wait for other people to reply too. If you are still interested, tell me :)
    if nobody else replies, I might lower the price.
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  14. The lowest I would go would be 15k, and that is really cheap!
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  15. Thank you for helping peypey :)
  16. What a find.
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  17. Your welcome, i didn't really even do anything lol:D
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  18. This mob spawner has been sold.
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