[SELLING] Triple XP-Grinder - Fully functinal!

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  1. I am now selling a double XP-Grinder with a spider grinder really close to it!
    I ask a 30k for it, because it is a double XP-Grinder with a Spider grinder close! I build a small melon farm to get infinite food. If someone already placed an offer and you want it really, than just place a higher offer xD
    Here are some pictures:
    This is the place where the chests are, and the door.
    Those are the tubes: The one that is the closest is the tube where the mobs fall down, the on that is the farthest is where they go up! You can see the small melon farm at the right.
    The tubes again, but than from the other site xD
    This is the room where the mobs get killed. You can see there is one dungeon with skeletons and one with zombies, the spider one is close! 2012-06-19_19.34.22.png
    This is the way to the spider grinder, you can see the hole leading to the grinder, and the room you see is the the roof for the skeleton spawner. 2012-06-19_19.34.26.png
    Here you can see the skeleton spawner. 2012-06-19_19.34.39.png
    Again the chests with the door. 2012-06-19_19.34.52.png
    Disclaimer: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/
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  2. If you want more information just ask
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  3. This should be called a Dual spawner. The spider spawner is not 'Fully functional'
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  4. Sorry, but it helps by selling xD
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  5. hmmmmm......
    I wish it was a blaze. :p
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  6. That is difficult to find xD
  7. And it cost ALOT of money to get the materials to make.
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  8. I see a Locked chest with someone else's name on it. I assume you have their permission to sell the location, but it should be noted that you haven't been the only person using the area along with their supporter status.

    What server is this on?
  9. TrueJob is the name of my little brother, we made it together xD
    Nope, it isn't no one has bin there except we two
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  10. Not for me Lol I gona sell one!
  11. Cuz i got like 5 of them :p
  12. But yeah, just buy it xD
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  13. And i was to post i want to buy it but i found a dangerus triple dungeon and 7 cave spider spawner! And 2 connected zombie spawners!
  14. Please not advertise on this thread xD, this is MY thread xD
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  15. I don't advertise i just told it Lol
  16. Now this thread is spammed! lozl
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  17. about how many mobs do you get in the zombie and skeleton room every 10 minutes
  18. 150-200 mobs, it is many, I know lozl
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  19. The server is SMP5!
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