[Selling] Triple Monster Spawner

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  1. I thought they were all the same :(
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  2. The spawners can all be activated at once, so it is a triple spawner. It does not only contain one kind of mob.
  3. 100 Rupees You said "Name your price" :p..........

    Just kiddin
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  4. I want at least 18k. lol :p
  5. If it was a skeleton or a zombie and not a spider then i will paid 30k!
  6. Add the disclaimer, please.
  7. Is it a grinder? Are they all combined? What SMP is it on?
  8. It is on smp8 and it is only the spawners.
  9. On the spot for grinding are they all in range?
  10. BigPeyPey, it would be cool if you could add more details as what SMP, if it is in range, what kind of spawners, how far away from outpost / spawn?
  11. It is on smp8 and about 3000 blocks out. The mobs are, spider,zombie, skeleton.
  12. If anyone would like to make an offer lower than 18k ,they should.
  13. I would if they were on any server but smp8. Sorey
  14. I have a triple (Zombie, skele, cave spider) Interested?
  15. Ew, threadjack. Not cool.
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  16. Sorry Should have pmed... then again many hijack mine too...anyways sorry.
  17. Yes, it can be made into a triple grinder. They are not that far apart, probable about 5-10 blocks from each other.
  18. I just want to check - is it regular spiders, or cave spiders?