[SELLING] Trap System

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  1. I am selling a set of several mob grinders for 150k. I have only found 5 of the connected grinders, but there are still many tunnels and portals I have yet to explore. This was previously owned by weileyc, who is now a regular member, so she can no longer use this is on utopia. The 5 grinders I have found are a blaze trap (Ethos' Lab), a 1-hit kill skele grinder, a 2-hit kill natural grinder, and at least 2 pig-zombie and ghast spawn traps.
  2. That's a lot of spawners.
  3. Care to explain ?
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  4. Giant cobblestone rooms which ghasts spawn in that you can run around and sword chop the, or use the 2x2 doors to shoot me down
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  6. Haha someone has this. Will discuss with purchasing player and a senior staffer.
  7. If the person selling the location didn't make the grinder, it's not theirs to sell. If it's been touched in anyway, it's not theirs to sell. The only exception I've seen made is where people are sharing one and one of them sells with the permission of the other(s).

    To suggest otherwise would open the door for those of us who have constructed grinders for other people to sell the locations out from under them. I don't have much respect for anyone who thinks it's ok to do that sort of thing.
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  8. So if weileyc agrees to it, I can sell this as a grinder, so long as the buyer understands that grinders have already been made surrounding the spawners.
  9. tempted to buy it.
  10. As soon as i get in touch with weiley, you could do it.
  11. Weileyc has agreed. Nfell, are you interested?
  12. If the creator of the grinders agrees to their sale, then all is legit. I would suggest the original owner/builder receive a cut from the sale though, but that would be between the seller and builder. :)