[Selling/trading] Importerer Head

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  1. Hey EMC! I have an importerer head! I am looking to trade or sell it. I will trade it for 2 promo items or sell it for 40k. This is not just any head, it is importerer there are 2 heads in existance and he was one of the first to join this server in 2011. Best offer i get, that person will be able to buy/trade for the head. :D This Money will also be going towards building my residence which will take a lot of materials and money. Thanks~Potato 2013-08-22_20.00.23.png 2013-08-22_20.00.15.png
  2. There were people joining in march 2011, and, well 2 in existance doesn't make it rare lol, i have some guys head that no-one knows about worth like 1 rupee :p
  3. But good luck on finding a buyer :) hope u get one soon
  4. Looks like a cool head, way overpriced though.
  5. i'll take it for 200r :p
  6. That is about what i would buy it for :p
  7. Selling heads for high price is krazy, i was going to sell my head for about 10k but nvm... (so much SCAM!!!!)
  8. I will sell it for 1k i gues
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  9. Will buy flaming
  10. Nevermind please close this post i will keep it for now.
  11. I will give you 2k for it. Come to smp5.
    Edit: >.<
  12. Nah ill keep it for now. I think its just a cool head in general. But thanks
  13. I will sell bonzd67's head for at least 10k. Not many people have it nor is he on much and does not give it out.
  14. It's not the rarity or how much he is on part, it is how popular the person is...
  15. But it is a mod so it is fairly expensive, but not worth 10k in my opinion, heh, i got chicken's head in the winners chest once ;) max burned him to death for our entertainment :D thanks max :D
  16. I just asked for chickeneers an he gave me his. Lol will u buy bonz's for 5k?
  17. But u didn't get the pleasure of seeing him burn! >;D na, not into heads much, unless i get to see them burn, then i get say, the head taste like charcoal :)
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  18. Ok ill keep it for now.
  19. Can a mod please close this post? Thanks