selling tons of diamonds at 9256 in smp4

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  1. seling diamonds for 2650 per stack wich is 41.4r a piece or 43r a piece also have lots of stone sand glass and more come check out my store at 9256 at smp4 sorry wrong adress in the title dont know how to change it but its 9256
  2. How did you get ll the diamonds and how many do you available to buy?
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  3. Hmm new member with stacks of Diamond?
  4. Actually he's 93 days new :)
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  5. Really :O 93 Days and still called a New Member :O?
    Sorry about that PineappleAssasin
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  6. Edited the title to have the correct address =]
  7. New member on the forums, not in game.
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  8. You beatedddd mee :(
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