[Selling] Todd_Vinton and Faithcaster Signed Books

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  1. I am selling 2 books for the price for 20-30k, I thought this price would be appropiate but can always be changed in the future.

    PM me here or comment below offers.
  2. So much money >_>
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  3. Yep it is :p
  4. Those are just player written books. Why would you sell theirs for 40k!?!
  5. Because Todd_Vinton and Faithcaster are as popular as staff members.. and they are really good megamall shop owners.
  6. Todd and Faith aren't staff, they are just players/supporters that have popular shops. (no offense to them. :) )

    EDIT: Nevermind, I read it wrong.
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  7. Staff member books are considered player books when auctioning, so it doesn't make a difference. The price is 30-45k now, but it will be dropped soon.
  8. I dont even think a staff signed book will fetch such a price. But nevertheless, good luck in your sale!
  9. yea i sold my staff books for 7-9x less than that.
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  10. Please buy me :D
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  11. Umm lol No offence guys but.. No just no.
  12. No staff book I know goes for that much.
  13. Stop commenting on my forum please if you are not going to buy it. The price will be dropped soon, stop criticizing every 5 seconds.
  14. My Max signed book was only 10k, I think this price is a tad too high
  15. Price dropped to 20-30k.
  16. Bump. New price. :p
  17. You shall be bought soon lol :p
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