[Selling] TNT

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  1. Hello, I have around 18 stacks of TNT left. I am aiming for a price of around 70r each but I can negotiate prices if you plan to buy bulks/big amounts of it. There is no chest that I'm selling it in, just contact me here or via Conversation PM. Have a happy day EMC! :)
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  2. I'm not sure if you will get 70r each... Sand is pretty easy to get (1r each) and sulphur seems to be worth around 7-12r each, which makes a TNT around 40-65r. That's a pretty wide range. I know I buy them at /v 405, if you can't find anyone buying for a higher price or want to get them sold sooner.
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  3. I'll sell them for 65r then at my lowest.
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  4. Good luck.
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  5. I wish you luck on trying to sell that.......
    ._. My god that picture is bigger than i expected....
    Oh well, no such thing as too much Rainbow Dash......
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  6. And if you click on it, scary things happen.
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