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  1. Alright so i told myself that i wasnt going to make a thread or an auction for this but im going to make a post anyways. i have decided to put aside my needs and give someone else the opportunity to take away this special voucher for their needs. what i speak of is a perm derelict voucher. So if you would like to take this off my hands please pm me letting me know and what you would offer. keep in mind i do not expect any amount specifically as i just dont base my ideas off that. thanks
  2. Hmm hope you get a good amount for it numbers so
  3. I bought it yesterday ;)
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  4. one of em XD i am currently looking for the secondary that others are wanting to buy.....friend somehow lost it when helping move my items :confused:
  5. Since you bought it, congrats.
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  6. Hey I just bought a diamond voucher want to congratulate me?
  7. Kind of off topic here. Try to keep posts directly related to the topic at hand (and also, while you're at it, please try to refrain from double-posting like this in the future.) :)
  8. Oh, it's just it said I got a like from him in my alerts a few minutes ago.
  9. Excuse me but when you say your selling something it has a specific price to buy as... Saying to PM me offers on an item is an auction and belongs in the auction thread following auction protocol... not a selling thread.

    In the selling thread you sell things for a specific amount (e.g. I'm selling DCs of sand for 4000r each not I'm selling DCs of sand... PM me offers)
  10. having people pm me offers is not classified as an auction that just means i am selling something and id rather have people pm me and let me know what their offer is in private. an auction is when people put forth their offers in a thread in public for all to see and has a time limit and max bid increment. nothing says you have to sell for any specific amount especially when u dont want to make a price to start and would rather get offers from other players based on what they want to pay.
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  11. Alright... If you say so but it still sounds like a "silent auction" to me with people PMing their offers (bids) to you.
  12. posts were supposed to pertain to being interested and staying on topic please keep it that way thanks. though this has been over so if possible may i have this thread closed thanks again to those who were interested
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