[Selling] Tales of Eterna

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  1. Selling Tales of Eternia for...
    • 2.5 million rupees

    • 10 million stone slabs (2893.51... DCs of stone slabs)
    Heh heh. Take your pick.
    I may consider lowering the stone slab count.
  2. When will you require delivery?
  3. You must have all DCs in town when you initiate the trade. I will be checking it and making sure it's all there.

    If the player would like, they can help me transfer the items to my residence. I will do it ASAP
  4. The price is a bit steep, I'd say it's even difficult to find a buyer at 1.5mil...

    But then again, collectors are crazy :p
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  5. Will 10 DCs suffice? :)
  6. You're funny. :p
  7. it would be at the least 100 DC's(did not do math, so may be more)
  8. I offer 100DC lol.
  9. wait wat is this tale of eterna
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