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  1. Hey,

    I am selling all of my staff signatures. The prices are AS IS so do not haggle me for a lower price. If there is a problem with the price then give me a reason and I may change it. Anyways to the list!

    [ ] = Title of book

    -Krysyyjane9191 Signature [Signature] -----------------------------------------------------------125,000 rupees
    -BigDavie Signature [BigDavie] --------------------------------------------------------------------55,000 rupees
    -JackBiggin Signature [potato] --------------------------------------------------------------------20,000 rupees
    -LuckyGreenBird Signature [Bird the Mighty] -------------------------------------------------5,000 rupees
    -BlackKnight1021 Signature [Pineapple Hula] --------------------------------------------------5,000 rupees
    -Weeh666 Signature [from weeh666] ------------------------------------------------------------30,000 rupees
    -Seffychan [For You] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------15,000 rupees
    -BreezyMan [I, BreezyMan] ------------------------------------------------------------------------35,000 rupees
    -Uber_Corq [Shyguythegamer1] -------------------------------------------------------------------10,000 rupees
    -Baradar67 [smp6 Salutes You] --------------------------------------------------------------------22,000 rupees
    -JNightwind [EMC Staff Mights] -----------------------------------------------------------------40,000 rupees
    -AnonReturns [For shyguy] -----------------------------------------------------------------------39,000 rupees
    Thanks and cheers,
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  2. I will buy the seffychan one for 15k
  3. Okay, come to /v 16826 after payment, and the chest I will set up for you.
  4. Will take lucky & knight please.
  5. I believe Krysyy signs books for free, but I might be wrong. :)
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  6. The lucky is going to be taken soon, but the BK one you can get for 5K
    All signatures I get are free, time to make a profit wynaut
  7. Taken soon? Like after I asked for it?
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  8. Yes
  9. lol ok well if it's not available maybe don't list it.
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  10. Oh wait LGB's is open now so you can get both for 10K now ThaKloned, AFTER payment :)
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  11. I will buy all the two for 5k so 10k?
  12. Paying now. Can you mail them please.
  13. Sure
    What signatures?
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  14. They were sold, sorry
  15. lol thats okay
  16. I'll by the krysyyjane9191's Signature for 125k.
  17. Okay, send the payment and I will set up an access chest for you at /v 16826 at smp8
  18. I think that she signs for free at events. I am not positive though :)
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  19. NEW SIGNATURE ALERT: AnonReturns Signature now available.
  20. ... I have watched you beg some staff for these signatures, to add them to your personal collection, and now you are selling them? >.> I wouldn't expect many free signatures in the future.
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