[Selling] Spider Spawners

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  2. you should include which SMP :)
  3. Dang, knew there was something lol.
    Adding that now.
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  4. Done it.
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  5. I have found a third spawner close to the other two.
    OP updated.
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  6. I will buy them for 3k, is that good for you?
  7. Yep, that will be fine for me.
    There is also a fourth nearby, but that is already a grinder.
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  8. Wait, is that your grinder, or was it already there?
  9. It was already there, but the other three were completely untouched, covered in webs.
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  10. But do you know if that person is still using those grinders?
  11. No idea, looked through it, and couldn't see any locked chests or anything.
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  12. Hmm, I am not sure if I am going to buy it than, because if the grinder is already in use, than it won't be smart to make another one next to it....
  13. Okay, that's fine.
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  14. If you find out who's that is; And see if they are still using it; I will pay 4,000 for the 3 you have found

  15. I'll have to go all scooby doo on it, looking for clues :)
    Seeing as I can hardly start a thread about it.
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  16. I will buy them for 4k each... i need them :3
  17. Come on dude, I had dibs.
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  18. I have returned to the grinder :)
    The search returned no locked chests or signs whatsoever.
    But, this is the operational end of it.
    If you recognise whoever might have made a grinder like this, please say.
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  19. I found this nearby.
    2012-09-14_23.44.55.png 2012-09-14_23.45.30.png 2012-09-14_23.45.37.png
    The signs mention two people;
    kenny452 (banned)
    carsgmcb911 (last seen 15 days ago)
    So I think it is safe to assume that it is being used.
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