[Selling] Spider And Zombie Spawner

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  1. Hi I have got 2 spawners to sell: zombie and spider.
    Please note: These are not within 32 blocks (the distance is more like 40 blocks) of each other and so can not be built into a grinder together but can be separately. The chests and mossy cobble is completely intact, all I have done is light it up and connect the two spawners with a tunnel. These are really well hidden. They are deep underground and under an ocean so no one is likely to stumble upon these. I found them when I was diamond mining :)

    I am asking for 15k rupees for the location of these 2 spawners.



    Disclaimer: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/
  2. Yes you can make this into a grinder.
    because for each spawner it has to be 16 blocks so if they are only 20 you could because max is 32
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  3. I dont think I explained it well. What I mean is they both dont work at the same time. They are probably 40 blocks away then. I'll edit. Thanks for pointing it out ;)
  4. Like what spypie said, make it into a grinder and it will sell for more.
  5. Its not possible. Trust me.
  6. If anyone would like me to turn the zombie spawner into a grinder for them I will do it for 5k.
  7. to the price.... no!
  8. Well if you PM me we might be able to come to some sort of a deal :)
  9. I have pmed you for further details, I might buy :)