[Selling] spare voters set

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  1. Heya all :D I am selling a spare set of voters armour so the Helmet,chest, leggings and boots. Please pm me for offers or reply to the thread and I will be happy to give you more details :)
  2. Bump, im open to any offers
  3. Only offering advice, not making bids.

    Some time ago an auction for this kind of gear ended at 465k and several more are currently ongoing, bids going well over 100k (at least in one case, the other auction (70k) started recently). So my advice would be to look into the community auctions forum (make sure to read the rules first!) and start one yourself. I think you'll fare much better in selling your armor (and will most likely also get the best price for it).

    Just my 2 cents obviously. And good luck!
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