[Selling] Something Rare...

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about stuff I'm selling! I'm currently selling a Marlix helmet for 75k. PM me if you'd like it ;).

  2. But Krysyy said she didn't want us selling these :S
  3. she did? Because ShyNub sold this one to me.
  4. Marlix Helmet should be around 85-90k :p unless you sell cheaply
  5. Marlix Helmets have been going for less than this recently :) She has her price listed though :p
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  6. Still, doesn't mean you have to sell it again
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  7. I want to sell it though
  8. Allow a reiteration.
  9. Isn't that going against what krysyy said e.e
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  10. Didn't Krysyy say she didn't want her signatures to be sold....
    EDIT: Oh, didn't see that Doofni already said it.
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  12. HKR, please wait the full 3 hours (from last comment) before bumping a thread. Thank you so much.
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