selling some stuff need it gone

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  1. hi today im selling alot of items. tell me what u want and ill get it for u.
    1 lava sold out
    2 villager eggs i got 32 to sell each 10r
    3 i got 1 new diamond silktouch pickaix
    4 silktouch axes sold out
    5 got 1 new diamond sword with looting I 120r
    6 got 5 stacks of grass to sell also 32r a stack
    7 i need some1 to work for me and dig out my reson smp5 res number 10995. ill pay 600 for every 2 layers shovels come with the job. the job will be 6.5 layers, so must have time on your hands.;) also ill make trade stuff instead of money if u want.
  2. Can i get 2 Silk Touch I Efficiency III Unbreaking III for 500 Rupees?
  3. Can i get the other 3 axes?? or picks? What ever they are
  4. Can i have 3 Villager Eggs?
  5. Sure as long as u know it's not a pickaix can buy them
  6. Ya for 30r as it say come to 10995 if I'm on and I'll give them to u
  7. Sure the cost is 750 r for 3 and they are axes not picks
  8. I know! Can i buy them now? On smp1, /v 858 :)
  9. Yes u can still buy them
  10. What Server is it?
  11. smp5 at 10995
  12. *off topic*
    Why is your profile pic a messed up version of the steve skin?
  13. idk never hade the time to fix it i guess lol
  14. ok lol
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  15. there i changed it
  16. I'd like the grass blocks. What else is still left? Do we pick up at your res, 10995?
  17. Yea pickup is at 10995 and I got I think7 more stacks of grass to sell still
  18. can i have like 20 lava buckets??
  19. I just sold it all 5min ago or so, sorry if u look I put it up that lava is sold out
  20. Okay, well having move perms for the res might help. I tried coming y to buy the dirt. but couldn't get there.