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  1. Hello all! =)

    Today I'll be selling the promos that I have no interest in right now, and that I've got to get rid of.

    37 Pot 'O Golds - 16k apiece
    1 2012 Empire Firework - 47k


    Note: all these prices are not negotiable.
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  2. Edit: 39. :p
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  3. I'm trying to get rid of them, not achieve them, silly. =P

    EDIT: Make that 38 Pot 'O Golds. =P
  4. Can I get a dancer for 20k
  5. Did you read the part where it said the prices were not negotiable? :p
  6. I dont have any cupid arrows for some reason, I will pay 550 now. Please mail them.
  7. Is the Dancer new?
  8. Prices are non-negotiable. Final price on that is 24k.
    Mailed, thank you.
    Yes. It is unused.
  9. Le French bump.
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