[SELLING] some promo's

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  1. well im in need of some rupees so im selling all my doubles :p

    well here is the list:
    - Spooky egg
    - Feast for a King
    - Remembrance Poppy
    - Holiday Candle
    - Empire Firework (new year 2013)
    - Empire Firework (new year 2014)
    - Stable Voucher
    - Ham Hacker
    - Independence Pants Chest
    - Book of Colors
    - Taste The Freedom x5
    - Cooked Turkey x13
    - cupid's bow

    intrested in any of them.
    offer down below or in pm :)
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  2. How much for the book of colors?
  3. How much for everything as a bundle?
  4. Uhhh by "independence pants chest" do you mean both the pants and chest, just the pants, just the chest, or the unopened chest from independence day? XD
  5. unopened chest
    and offer mman and samsimx :p
  6. how much for maxarian head??
  7. why is everybody asking a price if i say offer :/
  8. updated list