Selling Some Promos and enchantments!(i need rupees)

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  1. Hey guys! Today im going to be selling some promos and enchanted things for you guys to buy! Please leave i reply below if you want to buy!
    Pickup: /v 16408 on smp8!
    1x Shear Madness Eff 10 Unbreaking 10 13k
    LITTLE DAMGED x1 Momentus's Toothpick (Its a LITTLE DAMGED) 14k

    Please correct me if im wrong with any price and reply down below if you want one!
  2. I'll buy the ham hacker if it's unused
  3. And the rainbow chin pop head for 5k
  4. Can I buy these? :D

  5. I will set the chest up when payment is received.
  6. just letting you know rainbow chin pvp heads go for around 100k+ last time i checked
  7. Sheers if you still have them :)
  8. I wil buy those shears off of you :)