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  1. I am selling:

    Diamond Supporter Vouchers: 580k each
    Gold Supporter Vouchers: 300k each
    Iron Supporter Vouchers : 175k each

    ICC Eggnog: 1 mil
    Purple Krysyyjane Head (80k member party): 730k
    Purple People Party Paper: Offer in game or in PM

    Orebusters: 125k each
    Holiday Pickaxe's: 60k each
    Turkey Slicers: 46k each
    Dragon Stones: 33k each
    Dragon Stone Fragments: 4.5k each
    Netherhounds: 45k each
    Bday cake 2014: 11k each

    Vault Vouchers: 18k each
    Stable Vouchers: 10k each

    I am not selling 1 item per, no I have more from those items.

    Post down here what you want to buy.
  2. I'm curious how you sell a Netherhound - not doubting the claim, I'm just not sure how it's done. Are they eggs? Can you eggify Netherhounds?
  3. For approximately a week after release, it was possible to eggify a Netherhound due to a glitch. The resulting egg had a red item name. This was unintended and has since been patched - it is no longer possible to obtain Netherhound Eggs except through other players.

    If hatched, the Netherhound will keep its red-text name, and can be tamed. If renamed, it will lose its red name. If you breed two Netherhounds together, only a standard wolf will be born. If you eggify a Netherhound after spawning, it will still keep its red name.
  4. Not an hour or so, it was more like a week or more I believe where you could eggify them :p
    Feel free to search Netherhounds in the Wiki to find more information on them! Here are a couple of Wiki links that may be useful to you:
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