[selling] some good ol' promos

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  1. Sup I'm selling some promos

    18x Cupid bow
    23x Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    17x Turkey Slicer (2013 edition)
    7x Turkey Slicer (2014 edition)
    23x Lucky Bow
    10x Pot of Gold
    13x Dancer
    4x Spooky Egg
    70x Netherhoud
    1x Rudolph
    1x Incitatus
    1x Valens
    1x Holiday Pick
    1x Marlix Helmet
    1x Marlix Chestplate
    1x Marlix Leggings
    1x Marlix Boots
    1x Big Daddy Helmet
    1x Bullet Proof Vest
    1x Cactus Leggings
    1x Feather Fallllling Boots
    1x Ore Buster
    1x Flaming Mob Launcher
    1x Everlasting Axestopper
    1x Turfinator
    2x Ham Hacker
    12x Headless Horseman Mask
    5x Haunted Head
    3x Dragon Poop
    2x Super Dragon Poop
    3x Remembrance Poppy
    3x Pi Pie
    6x Holiday Candle
    2x Holiday Message
    14x Maxarian Heads
    7x Freedom Blade
    4x Independence Helmet
    3x Independence Chest
    3x Independence Pants
    2x Independence Boots
    8x (64/stacks) Freedom Steak
    3x (64/stacks) Icecreamcow Flesh
    3x (64/stacks) Icecreamcow Skin
    2x Labor Bench (2014)
    1x labor Bench (2013)
    5x 2014 Birthday Cake
    1x Feast for a king
    5x Cake Parkour Voucher
    1x Emc Treasure Voucher
    1x Instructions (light blue text)
    82x Stable Voucher
    4x Vault Voucher
    64x Magical Eggcellent Wands
    18x Cupid Bundle
    17x Freedom Blade Chest
    5x Blizzard Nose
    5x Cupid
    2x Diamond Supporter Voucher
    1x Iron Support Voucher
    3x Avalauncher
    2x Momentus Toothpick
    1x Aikar Signature
    1x Book of colors
    1x Love Potion No. 9

    1x Arena Blade
    2x ICC Special Eggnog
    4x Krysyy Heads
    1x Purple Aikar Head
    1x (Gold) Referral Block of Clickyness

    Thanks for reading all of that over, if you are interested please let me know with an offer.
    All of the high quantities of items aren't typos.

    *With every purchase of 250k or more you get a samsimx head.*
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  2. Well, you know I want the arena blade, but I only have 1.4 mil.
  3. How much for the following?
    Krysyy Heads, and what kinds
    Aikar Sig.
    Arena Blade
  4. I thought you accidentally threw your arena blade into the fire at a toaster's funeral?
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  5. I most likely can't afford them but how much are the marlix items?
  6. How much for the instructions and 1 Dragon poop
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  8. Interested in 1x Incitatus and Marlix chest. 200k Good?

    EDIT: Also 1x Bullet Proof Vest
    1x Cactus Leggings

    160k each?
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  9. Thank you sir :) *Hale*
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  10. Sorry. I'm interested In The dragon poop and instructions 50k?
  11. How much per pot of gold and Valens? PMing me works also :)
  12. :eek: Totally missed this part haha
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  13. Mostly interest in the Valens, offering 200k. is this acceptable? sorry for not posting an offer prior.
  14. Does this mean we can redeem a samsimx head for 250k? Or that just false advertising? =P
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  15. Finally the flaming mob launcher is on the list of someone selling.
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  16. Samsimx could I talk to you on EMC like tomorrow morning?
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  17. Dang I want some promos but 600k is not very good....I'll wait until 1mil to buy promos if this thread is still open.
  18. 1 marlix chestplate, 1 netherhound, 1 feather falllling boots, 1 aikar's signature, 1 instructions
    Offer: 250k
  19. No thanks
  20. Contacted you via PM