[Selling] SMP8 Frontier Base w/ Gold Farm, Iron Farm, and More!

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  1. I have a frontier base that I am looking to get rid of. It was scaveged for "parts" (materials) when I started I new outpost due to it being too close to spawn to claim (around 5oo block away from being able to be claimed as an outpost.) The area is a bit messy, but I could clean it up for a small price. It has the following:

    - Gold Farm | 186 Portals | 4.9 DC's of obsidian | AFK mode & Grind mode
    - Iron Farm | 8 Cells | AFKable
    - Melon Farm | 7 Melon Plants
    - Double Zombie Grinder | 2 Spawners (Next to each other) | XP Grinder

    I am looking to sell this base for around 1mil including the price for cleaning up.
    Please PM me if you have any questions.


    The Zombie Spawner is fully functional
    That is the rail from the zombie spawner to the gold & Iron Farm
    That is the whole space that used to be my secret outpost
    That is the gold farm! The top of the gold farm is not lit because I was going to take it down, but then thought that I should sell it.
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  2. I know someone who might be interested in buying this
  3. Added disclaimer to OP as per rules.
  4. hi i can not make accurate offer before i c some pictures also this is worth no where near 1mil
    because of location it is griefers bait the obby is worth about 450k maby 500k the iron farm i can no be sure of because i have no pictures if u can maybe post a average amount per hour that would be great is there a nether rail ? if so could u post pics of that
  5. I disagree with this. It's not about the materials it cost to make. It's about what you will get back in return. 1 million for the above may seem like a lot up front but that will be made back and much more.
  6. tho i am worried about the location i agree to the fact that there is money to be made
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  7. Good thing is you can still get the blocks protected under your name, you would just have to wait until established outposts are done first. Sure you can't become officially established but you can still protect your stuff. :)
  8. i wonder how much of the 1mil is clean up........
  9. Not much.. I was offering to clean it up for 50k, because I did take some things that I wanted to use for my outpost.
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  10. o ok i own a outpost and would only use this for resources 0-0 i think i am not intrested
  11. Do you have any pics?
    Griefing shouldnt be an issue anymore with the anti griefing update.
  12. I can get pictures in 4-5 hours.
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  13. No hurry. Pics would probably increase the number of interested parties.
  14. Just a thought but how much would an SS service cost to put all the blocks placed in the new owners name once you sell it.
    If they're unable to do so, how would the new owner Beatle to redesign anything.
    With the anti-grief all the uncommon blocks are protected.
    Would you be willing to give out a voucher every time the new owner would want to make changes?
  15. I haven't had it protected yet. The buyer would have to claim it on their own. Correct me if I'm wrong though!
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  16. Depending on the area, it's 10k rupees per chunk of 50k blocks (I believe) to a max charge of 50k rupees.
  17. You may not have had the common blocks ( dirt, cobblestone, ect..) protected but all uncommon blocks ( glowstone, stone brick blocks, rail, ect...) are already under protection automatically. (If placed after a certain date in 2014)

    Which would mean the new owner wouldn't be able to break those blocks. Unless the SS can transfer ownership of all the uncommon blocks blocks that are already protected.

    Thus the question arises. The cost of that service would be part of the sell price or an added cost to the player purchasing the outpost.
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  18. I see what you mean now. I know the SS (mods might even be able to do this too) can remove block protection. Not sure if there is a cost to that. I would think that in this instance a charge would be attached.