[Selling] - SMP4 - Mulitple Spawner/Grinder Location

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  1. This location is still for sale.
  2. I am not sure of what you are selling? You listed all the grinders, but didn't specify if they can be activated at once, how far apart they are, etc.
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  3. I managed to get a zombie and skele to activate at once and 2 spiders to activate at once. the solo skele is too far from any of the others to be activated with them, the same goes for the solo zombie. The solo zombie has not been set up yet. I have set up a "hub" for easy direction to each of the grinders.

    Basically it's an abandoned mine shaft with new tunnels to take you to each of the grinders. They are all fairly close to each other but not close enough to activate them all at once.

    I have already constructed all the grinders for the spawners, except the one zombie spawner.

    I will try to get some pics in this thread for ya.
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  4. 2012-07-24_16.18.11.png
    ^^ the "hub"

    ^^ the middle path of the "hub"

    ^^ the solo zombie spawner (no grinder)
  5. can i buy this grinder
    (pm me on smp9):eek: