~/\{[SELLING]}/\~ SMP1 Near Spawn Residence 203!

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  1. Hey, today I'm selling /v 203 on SMP1. It is 3 residence's away from 405, a big mall, it is next to the graveyard, next to BrickStrike's mall under construction, diagonal to Justin's pyramid, 2 residence's away from spawn, 2 residence's away from 104, diagonal from NurseKillJoy's residence and it has a short and sweet number.

    Basically if you're interested, PM me and we can negotiate a price. When we agree I'll unclaim 203 when you are online and you can claim it for yourself. You are not buying anything on 203, only the number and location of the residence :)

    Note: As far as I'm aware, selling residences is legal as long as you are fully transferring ownership and not just perms. In this case I am selling the residences itself so you need an empty residence slot to claim it.

  2. hehe my sale of 103 has sparked many res sales :p
  3. This is off topic. I am selling 203 because I don't need it anymore. Stay on topic with the posts please.
  4. Bump! Still up for sale! Great opportunity :)
  5. why are you selling a res that is registered under another name? ''NOWgamer99''
  6. NOWgamer99 is my IRL friend's account, he doesn't play EMC so I own his residence. I have full control of 203.
  7. Do you have access to his minecraft account?
  8. Yes.
  9. Selling reses seems to be not a great source of rupee income, reses are free and meant to be free...
  10. However this one is in a primed location and I'm not doing it as a business, I got really lucky with the forceclaim a while back and I don't need the residence anymore so I'm going to sell it to somebody who is willing to pay for it and use it for a good purpose.

    This is not targeted at a new player, it's targeted at an established player that wants to own a residence with a centered location :)
  11. Location,Location,Location...
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  12. Still for sale :)
  13. BUMP still for sale, this residence is in primed location a perfect place to build a project :)
  14. :)
  15. BUMP, perfect for projects :)