[SELLING] Skins!

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Do you want a skin?

Yes! You're awesome moyaboya! 13 vote(s) 35.1%
NO! And I enjoy baby lemurs falling out of trees and other things society finds sad! 9 vote(s) 24.3%
Polls are fun huh? 23 vote(s) 62.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Have you been walking around in a skin that you got off some skin website? Do you want an original skin that no one can copy? I make custom skins for anyone who needs them.
    Need Dr. Who? I'll make it.
    Need Obama? I'll make it.
    Need a llama? I'll make it.
    The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!
    (Except for the fact that minecraft skins may only have a certain amount of pixels and colors but other than that, ENDLESS!)
    See some of my works at http://imgur.com/a/Lr7CL#6

    Prices range depending on the difficulty.
  2. could u make a good baseball player skin??
  3. What Player? Or, if you want it to be you, what should it look like?
  4. do u know brett lawrie??
  5. Could you make me a skin that looks like this?
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  6. Possibly in an hour, but if I fall asleep I'll surely have it by tomorrow. Please PM me so we can negotiate a price
  7. ok
  8. Joking, I made that skin and am currently using it. I want one like this:
    I might never use it, because skins I found/had someone make for me make me feel LAZY.
    Also, looked at the skins you made - You could put more detail into them.
  9. Can you make me a Dr. Who one? :D
  10. Sure I'll make it! And :( Dang I thought I put quite a bit of detail already. I have been using steve as a reference skin, maybe I should use a blank reference.
    Why Yessirey I can.
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  11. Wait, which one? :O
  12. Could you make one like this?
    ROBOT UNICORN!!!!!!!!.jpg
  13. Yes! A true challenge...
    The horn may be difficult
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  14. What am i supposed to say to that?
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