[Selling] Skeleton spawner on Utopia

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  1. Location of skeleton spawner, on Utopia, approx 600 blocks from the spawn.

    Price: 6000 rupees. Offers will be considered.

    It is totally untouched, except I left a couple of torches and a hole to the surface. I even left the mossy-cobble and 2 chests containing iron, saddle, bucket, cocoa, gunpowder, etc. You can have all that too!

    It's very easy to get to. There is nothing around it; no evidence that anyone has been there. I was wandering around dark caves when I found it.

    It's on the Utopia server, so more efficient. (Note, although only Supporters can have a residence on Utopia, anyone can go there).

    Skeleton spawner 'grinding' give bones, bows, and "Power-I" bows, and are quite easy to make.

    I can give you the coordinates, or take you to it.

    Disclaimer: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/

    Please contact me to buy (PM, or message through the website).
  2. Reducing price to 5000 for quick sale. (Well, 'quick' once Utopia is working again)
  3. ill buy it on saturday
  4. Actually non-supporters can not visit the wild on utopia.
  5. ill buy it now for 6k?
  6. Ok I'll buy it on Saturday for 6.5k
  7. === Selling it to Charlie568 ===

    I'll sort out details via PM's.

    If it doesn't work out, I'll re-present it here. Thanks all.
  8. This isn't the one I made for you is it? :(
  9. No, it's a fresh spawner, untouched, that I found. And it's 600 blocks out.

    You made me a dual-grinder, about 4000 out.