[Selling]Skeleton Grinder

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  1. I am selling a skeleton grinder that produces very high amounts of bones without actually having to hit the skeletons. It works by skeletons spawning, moving along a canal and then been crushed by 4 pistons. This does not produce xp but produces very high amounts of bones and arrows which sell really well. I am asking for 15,000 rupees

    I will sell this grinder to the first person who posts saying they will buy it.

    2012-06-22_07.57.03.png 2012-06-22_07.57.51.png

    Disclaimer: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/
  2. I don't think it will produce bows, because you can only get rare loot if you kill them yourself
  3. Oh ok, I always thought you could. I'll edit the post now. :)
  4. Okey, yeah, I saw this in a 1.2 preview video on youtube, and it didn't work, but maybe it is changed in 1.2.5?
  5. Please remove the coordinates in the pics, that helps you a bit xD
  6. No I think your right. I'v never got an enchanted bow from it. Thanks for pointing it out :)
  7. Lol thats the 2nd time I've done that. I hate rei's minimap :p
  8. lol, just use the F1 key, that removes all that stuff
  9. Yeah I will next time. thanks :)
  10. No problem
  11. howbout 10 k?
  12. Can we meet half way and say 12.5 k?
  13. Hmmm 11.5? Sry Trying to get the best deal possible ;)
  14. Well I want to wait a bit and see if I get a full offer of 15k. If I don't then I will sell to you for 11.5k
  15. Sooo are we gonna do 11.5 k or ur gonna keep waiting?