[SELLING] single skeleton grinder ( fully funtional )

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  1. I think 8k is a bit too expensive,Some people sell Zombie/skeleton single for around 2/5k at their shops and Zombie/skeleton doubles for like 6/9k
  2. yea but everything around it is un touched... i went a did a look around and there is at least 1.5k worth of stuff to mine there and thats not counting whats in teh chests i left there for who ever buys it

    and i didnt go but 30 blocks from teh spawner
  3. I'd only pay 3k for this (1k extra since its already set up). Alexchance's grinder service only costs 2k for 1 spawner, but it's not setup.
  4. read the full post... i had to edit :D
  5. i dont wanna keep lowering prices... someone please buy... its very functional.. got me lots of enchanted items.. its worth more than it seems
  6. Ya but he sets them up, this has extra cause the farm and enchanting room already in it.
  7. I'll buy it for 3750r, forum PM me if you're interested. :) (and add JackBiggin2 to the convo)
  8. Im interested. How far is it from spawn and is it well hidden? Also does anyone else know about it?
  9. me and my brother are the only ones who know about it. its well hidden as we have used it for a very long time.
  10. Will you both still be using it after the auction? How far out is it?
  11. no once its sold we dont own it so we will NEVER go back to it... ( we already left it ) and i wont say
  12. Make sure to tell everybody it is bought :)
  13. oh im sure its pretty noticable