[ SELLING ] SIlk Touches

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  1. I am selling 27 Silk Touch I Efficiency II Unbreaking II Iron Pickaxes for 1,300r a piece.

    Smp1 2222.

    Buy them there. :)
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  2. Very Nice yes.
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  3. Ooooo. I'm running low on rupees though.
  4. Ill take 2! Save them cant get on EMC atm!!
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  5. I will give you one for 500r when I log on in about 2 hours.
  6. I meant I was saving my rupees. That would be nice though.
  7. I'll take 3. you should have a buy one get one for 500r.
  8. Sweet, btw your sig is sweet.
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  9. Pig you must be rich.
  10. No, I just have 15k. Only 2 people have bought silk touches.
  11. Pig, why do you make silktouch IRON pickaxes?
  12. I bought em' from a guy. lol
  13. I was there.
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  14. I didn't buy them from you?

    Edit : Oh! I know what you mean.
  15. Bought some.
  16. Great value for silks... Hold two for me, would ya? Thanks. :)

    EDIT: Mollstam just "poked the server back up", so expect some rupees. ;)
  17. seen them offered in villager trading, they will become more common in the days/weeks to come. Still the cheapest silk touch i've ever seen
  18. Thanks for ruining my profit.