[SELLING]Shiny Re-Named Compases

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  1. Selling the new empire assist! Make your offer. I currently have 14 in stock!
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  2. wut.

    Every single player gets 10 of these every 2 days. Why would they be worth ANYTHING?
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  3. wait how do i get these every 2 days?
  4. type /assist new - but you don't even need the item, simply type /assist
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  5. Yeah, these should be banned from selling honestly. I'd considered selling them a scam, as your selling a freakin command.
  6. I wouldn't exactly ban the selling of it, but due to the fact that it's like an unlimited "promo" the player run economy simply will either drop the price dirt cheap, cheaper than dirt, or people just won't buy them.
  7. What I am getting at, is how should it ever be legal to sell an in game command?
  8. Here.
  9. I have 11 Empire Assistants that are no longer obtainable, other then that the default/normal ones are useless and I don't really see why you'd want to sell 'em.

    You can see what I mean here though by not obtainable, since pretty much no one seems to know about them:
    6x Normal versions:

    11x Versions no longer obtainable: