(SELLING) selling diamonds

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  1. Selling diamonds!!!!!!
    Hello there I'll be selling diamonds for 35r
    You only could order 64 diamonds MAX

    So if you wants a diamonds leave a comment below like this:

    How much diamonds you want:
    And the total you will be spending:

    If your order is ready I'll say in this post!!!!!!
    And please give me at least two weeks to get your order (since diamonds are rare)
    If your order is ready it i'll set up a chest in my res 8436!!!!
  2. Make them a bit cheaper, and people might buy them.
  3. change the price to 35r per one!!!!!
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  4. i have to go to camp so see guys in about 5 hours
  5. I'll buy 64 diamonds Price:2240
  6. Ill buy 64 diamonds.
  7. Ill take 64
  8. Um Faithcaster, Biscuitboy5396 and TerryDaTerroist is ready
    Just pay me then i'll let you have the diamonds
    (also warn me if you can't open the chest because i spelled your name wrong please and thx u)
  9. 64 please
  10. Also you could order another stack each 1 week and 4 days

    Ps: Pab10S is ready please pay
  11. Also when you pay
    post a comment that you paid so i know
    (also will check my rupee history)
  12. 64 please, also I will be on in 10 minutes so save some for me.
  13. i'll get your tommorow
    Also new rule
    Only 3 order per day
  14. payed, where you want to meet? or where should i go?
  15. Done
  16. Please people give me at least 2 days for your order
    please and thx you
  17. I'll take 64 diamonds please :D
  18. Yeah I'll pay after I have lunch :D