[Selling] Seasonal Block Head

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Would you order one head?

Yes 35 vote(s) 71.4%
No 5 vote(s) 10.2%
Not Sure 9 vote(s) 18.4%
  1. Seasonal Block Heads!

    This month: December and January

    I have stopped selling the heads, all player who brought the head will receive a set of heads for each month once the skin of heads stay permanent... Soon I am going to sell a for only 1 type of block... Also I have 3 other accounts to sell for heads...
  2. Player name: slash14459
    Amount: 4
    Payment is sent
  3. IGN: Captian_Foxy
    Amount: 1
    Payment sent with extra to send via mail.

    Who cares?! More heads for my wall >:3
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  4. IGN: ChickenDice
    Amount: 5

    Payment should be sent in a few minutes :)
  5. You blockhead!!!

    Player name: ShyNub
    Amount: 20

    Will send payment tomorrow.
  6. IG Name: ww2fan168
    Amount: 2
    Total: 2k :)
  7. Awesome! Like this price!

    Player Name: EnderMagic1
    Amount: 2
    payment will be sent the next time im online.
  8. Player name: Rhythmically
    Amount: 20
  9. Itsmechespin
    7 heads plz
  10. PSA added...
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  11. i want one i will pay tommorrrow afternoon
  12. oh lol
    will pay tommorrow afternoon :)
  13. whatkom
    Thanks ya sir :)
  14. f_Builder_s
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  15. IGN: SepTheKid
    Amount: 1

    Payment is sent
  16. Jelle68;
  17. DatFoxMan
    Sending payment in a bit, school time >.<
  18. Guess what they were two way different ideas, my idea was that I change it every month, But nyccorg's idea was only to sell a limit amount of heads and then it would have finished.

    Will pay when I come on
  19. Scarmanzer
    Will pay later when I'm on!