[Selling] Sarah Jane's Warpstar

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  1. I received this ultra rare item last night at Krysyyjane9191's Doctor Who party. It is a rare netherstar that is enchanted and renamed. Here are some pictures. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity from krysyy. There is only one of them in existence. Please private message me in-game or on the forums if you are intrested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind item. 2013-11-24_12.31.12.png
  2. While this is unique in name and enchant, this was one of 2 given out at that event.
    Here is the other :)
    Also, if you ever sell it, I'll be interested to see how much yours goes for. :)
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  3. I wanna buy...
  4. Wanna sell yours...? ;)
  5. Which one you wanna buy?
  6. Sarah Jane Warpstar, how much?
  7. Please read the whole post!
  8. lol, I never would, but thank you anyway
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  9. bump. Im still open to offers but I might keep it
  10. Bump! I'm still intrested in selling!