Selling Sandstone in bulk

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  1. 10,000r per DC, I have 11 DCs at this moment in time.
    Pm me if you'd like some!
  2. Way over priced.... A DC usually goes for between 5-6k... :(
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  3. I have plenty of potential buyers who have expressed an interest in buying at this price, I assure you this is well in demand.
  4. Perhaps a few people are interested, but it you sold it for lower, then you'd have more customers..
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  5. A few customers willing to pay a fortune is more useful than a lot of customers willing to pay little.
  6. Lol. Whatever floats your boat. :) Just telling you...
  7. Still any interest about? 25% off, they're 7,500r a chest now!
  8. 8 DCs left, 6k per chest!