[Selling] Sand, Glass, Sandstone in bulk

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  1. Selling: [in bulk]
    Sand: 20r a stack
    Glass: 68r a stack
    Creeper Sandstone: 74r a stack
    Smooth Sandstone: 60r a stack
    Sandstone: 60r a stack

    pm me chat or just post on thread:
    What item
    Which server and your res number
    When you want your order to be in buy
  2. Smooth Sandstone
    Creeper Sandstone

    1 dbl chest of each - ish.

    SMP1 1783 (Inside the shop - at the buy/sell sign)

    Paying avg. more then you want on the signs.
  3. Item: Sandstone
    Quantity: 27 stacks
    Server and Res: SMP7 (14010) in the chest in the yellow room
    If you could finish the order before this Friday, that'd be great.